Our experienced Clock Repair Specialist will take great care to bring your clock back to its former glory. We service:

-Grandfather Clocks
-Wall Clocks
-Mantel Clocks
-Cuckoo Clocks
-Battery Powered Clocks

We do not service Atmos, Seiko "Melodies in Motion" clocks, or vintage motorized clocks.

House Calls: We make house calls to service grandfather clocks. This service includes oiling, light cleaning, minor repairs, and regulation. This service costs $225.00 for residents of Midland, $285.00 for residents of Odessa, and $285.00 + mileage ($1.60 per mile) for any other location in West Texas. If the clock cannot be repaired in the home, our technician will need to take the clock movement to the workshop at an added cost.

Drop Off: You are welcome to drop off any wall, mantel, cuckoo, or battery powered clock at the gallery. You may not drop off a grandfather clock at the gallery. For that service, a house call must be scheduled.

Complete Overhaul Service: In our vast experience, most mechanical clocks require serious repairs due to years of wear. We only offer complete overhaul services to ensure that your clock will run perfectly for many years to come. We do not believe in making minor repairs or taking shortcuts to try and make your clock run. This overhaul service is a complete restoration of your clock movement. Included in this repair is our one-year guarantee.

With this service, we remove the movement from the case and bring it to the workshop. The movement will be disassembled, cleaned and polished. Next, all gears, cams, levers, pivots, and bushings will be inspected and repaired. Worn bearing holes will be drilled out and replaced. The clock will then be reassembled, lubricated, regulated, and monitored for 2 weeks prior to returning it to the customer’s home.

Overhaul Prices:
- Time-Only Clocks (one train): $285.00
-Time and Strike Clocks (two trains): $375.00
-Time, Strike, and Chime Clocks (three trains): $445.00
-Grandfather Clocks (three trains): $445.00 + SC
-Cuckoo Clocks: $495.00*
*cuckoo clocks with a music box, dancers, or other moving parts will have a $45.00 surcharge added.

Battery Clock Repair:
Time Only: $95.00
Time, Strike, and Pendulum: $135

We look forward to assisting you!

Philip B. Soley
Clock Repair Specialist